7 Bad Habits to Ditch in 2016

December 26, 2015 in Uncategorized



We all have some bad habits we’d like to get rid of right? Maybe you want to stop smoking, eating sugar, or spend less. You also may have some bad habits affecting your life in a negative way that you aren’t even aware of!  Here are 7 bad habits to ditch in 2016.

1. Judging other people

How often do you think “he should do this” or “I can’t believe she does that?”

When you negatively judge other people’s actions or behavior, it is a reflection of the things you don’t like about yourself. When focusing on other people’s behavior, it is a way for you to distract yourself from focusing on your own. Are you perfect? Why not try working on yourself first?

2. Complaining 

What is the purpose of complaining? It only makes you feel worse about the circumstance. When things aren’t going as you wish they were, instead of whining about it, you have two other amazing choices. Either make the best of the situation, or change the circumstances. Complaining is not an option.

3. Focusing on the negative 

When you focus on “what’s wrong” in your life, you give attention to it, therefore attracting more of it. Try focusing on what’s going great or even good for you, and watch how your life transforms.

4. Beating yourself up 

Are you hard on yourself when you don’t perform at your full potential? Do you sometimes feel like you’re not good enough?

Do thinking these thoughts make you feel better about yourself?

Let me ask you a question. Aren’t you always doing the best you can?

Be good to yourself, love yourself, and enjoy life a little bit more.

5. Worrying

When you’re thinking about the “what if’s” in life, it’s probably causing you fear, or anxiety, or both. Focus on the now. How can you either improve the situation or have a positive expectation of the outcome?

When you find yourself worrying, ask yourself “Right now, is everything OK? ”  I think you’ll find that the answer will always be yes.

6. Comparing yourself to others

How often do you think thoughts like she’s prettier than me, he makes more money than I do, why can’t I be as funny as that guy?

We all compare ourselves to other people. It’s just what we do. But, what you may not realize, is no matter how amazing other people are in certain areas, you will always be superior to them in other areas of your life. Maybe you’re more talented, or more intelligent, or street smart. In the end, what we should recognize is we are all equal.

7. Making excuses

I’m sure you’ve heard the common expressions about excuses being compared to stinky body parts? Well, I am here to regretfully inform you that those expressions are dead on. Start taking accountability for your actions. Even if something is “not your fault” just try listening more instead of jumping to your own defense. Your communication with others will improve greatly.

Yes there are ups and downs in life, but we have the choice in every moment to decide how to feel. Be playful. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Life is meant to be fun. Enjoy it!