Can Your Expectations Change Your Reality?

October 9, 2016 in Uncategorized


There is something magical and mystical about the idea of manifesting, and it seems to be a word more commonly used in today’s society. But what does it mean exactly?

Science has proven that such a thing exists, but I’ll get to that in a moment. First, a personal story of my own experience.

Recently I made a conscious effort to put manifesting to the test.

I was planning a trip, and I really wanted to do it on a budget. I usually fly Jet Blue and I always reserve my aisle seat (I feel trapped if I’m not on the aisle). When I was researching flights, and compared my usual airline with some of the discount sites, I learned that I could make the same exact flight for roughly $512 cheaper. Here is the catch… NO AISLE SEAT guaranteed. For an extra hundred dollars I could request an aisle seat, but still nothing is guaranteed.

I told myself “Suck it up Julie, it’s only a few hours of your life. You can do it.”

I decided right then and there I was going to manifest my aisle seat for both the flight over there and the flight back, and booked the cheaper flight.

The day of my scheduled flight, I arrived at the airport fairly early, and walked over to the kiosk where a nice young man politely offered to print my boarding pass. He then handed me my ticket with a smile, and said “Enjoy your flight.”

Oh $#@%! I forgot to ask for an aisle seat! I looked down at my ticket, 16C. AN AISLE!!! That was easy! I didn’t even have to ask.

Now…..what ELSE can I manifest?

I returned to the airport for my flight home with a sort of cocky confidence, ready for my awesome seat.

When I approached the counter, I nicely asked “Is there anyway I can get an aisle seat? I’m kind of claustrophobic.”

The woman looked down at the computer then back up at me, and with coldness in both her eyes and her voice said “I’m sorry ma’am, this flight is completely booked. There is only a window seat available.” Wait, what? I could feel my breath begin to get shallow and a clamminess come over me. “Only…. a window?”

“Yes ma’am” she said.

“OK, I guess if that’s all you have,” but in my mind I was thinking something different.

I’m getting a freaking aisle seat.

I remained cool and calm as I began my long journey to gate BFE. When I finally got there, I approached the gate attendee and again asked “I know this flight is full, but is there any possibility of me getting an aisle seat?”

The guy at the desk told me he didn’t work there, he was only standing in for someone else, and to come back in 20 minutes. After I realized 20 minutes had gone by, I looked up to see a woman now standing at the desk, I also noticed a huge line had formed in front of the gate with people anxiously waiting to get on the plane. Feeling defeated, I excepted my fate of sitting in seat 44F, a window.

When I got to the back of the plane, I noticed a woman sitting in my seat. I said “Excuse me ma’am, I think you might be sitting in my seat, my boarding pass says 44F.”

She exclaimed very aggressively “Oh no honey, I’m 44F this is MY seat, I requested a window on the way over and on the way back, and this is my seat!” Since I never got her name, let’s just call her angry 44F.

“Ummm… OK, I’m just going to go find a flight attendant.” I said passively.

As it turns out, we both did have the same seat number, so they called us both to the back of the plane where we would wait until this was all figured out. I gleefully went to the back of the plane thinking that this was my opportunity to upgrade to an aisle. I was making jokes with the flight attendant while angry 44F was bitching, moaning, and and mumbling under her breath that it was HER seat. The fact that I was laughing and making jokes only seemed to make her more upset, and for some strange reason, I took great pleasure in the fact that my positive attitude made her so mad. Maybe it was a reminder of the feeling of freedom I had given myself when I chose to change my perspective on life, and believe that anything is possible.

Meanwhile, you could hear the captain over the loudspeaker “Everyone in their seat, please prepare for take off.”

OK, I’ll admit, I was beginning to get a bit nervous. The plane was about to take off and I had no seat. I began to fear the worst, that I would get kicked off the plane because there was nowhere for me to sit.

Angry 44F decided she was going to take fate into her own hands, and walked right back to the seat she was originally kicked out of, and sat down with fierce determination that she was not going to stand back up.

Finally a male flight attendant from the front of the plane walked back to the seat she was sitting in, leaned in and said “Miss Holmes?”

“No, that’s me” I said from the very back of the plane. He turned back to angry 44F and stated, “I’m sorry ma’am this isn’t your seat, you’re going to have to move. I will escort you to your new seat.”

I don’t know exactly what she said, I just know there was a bitter hostile exchange between both the flight attendant and angry 44F, and the plane was literally waiting for us to take off. “Ma’am I’m sorry you’re going to have to move, this is not your seat” I heard him state again.

This was getting ridiculous, and I just didn’t care anymore. I just wanted to go home. So I walked up to the flight attendant and told him “Just give me the seat. I’ll take it, I don’t care.”

He looked at me as if I had just spared his entire family’s life. “Thank you so much! That’s so nice of you! Anything I can do for you during this flight, you just let me know!”

He walked me to my new seat, 26D. An aisle seat. He did have to kick out another woman who happened to be sitting in it. It wasn’t actually her seat, it was mine now.


Was I surprised? No, not really, but I did feel kind of like I had superhuman powers. Not a bad feeling to say the least.

So let’s get back to the question at hand. Can our thoughts and intentions actually change physical matter and the world around us?

Based on studies, neuroscientists will tell you, yes.

Scientific studies using subatomic microscopes, tracked movements of atoms through the universe. What was found, is that molecules actually changed direction as a result of the observer’s presence.

Let me restate this: The molecule moves based on whether or not there is a conscious being observing it. This means that our thoughts and intentions can actually change physical matter.

Physics has proved that thoughts in a certain sequence actually manifest reality.

Let me break this down, most of us believe that we have to take physical action in order to make things happen in our lives, but that simply isn’t true. Science shows that if we change our perspective on life, the world around us will automatically change in response to it.

This is a concept that is difficult for many people to conceive, because we are taught at an early age that hard work and determination are the only way to success.

I am not a scientist, nor am I an expert in quantum physics or even physics for that matter. I only know from my own experiences and observing those around me.

Here is what I have observed: those who expect that life is hard, have many obstacles preventing them from living the life they want to live, and those who expect that life is going to turn out the way they want, even through obstacles and challenges, always get their desired outcome.

Whatever you believe about life becomes your reality.